Welcome to the Art of Inquiry – an online science school for kids, ages 10-12.

Our courses are different from science classes children take in school. We focus on the abilities to

  • Ask questions

  • See the big picture

  • Develop system thinking skills


In our courses, we introduce students to the ideas of complexity, emergence, and self-organization. We discuss the importance of modeling and the lack of human intuition when dealing with complex, interconnected systems. We also model making mistakes and help students to develop habits of critical thinking.

During the course, students will ask themselves many questions, ranging from the possibility of flat planets to whether one water molecule is wet. But more importantly, even after the lesson is over, their awakened curiosity will keep them thinking and wondering about the world.

Ready to start?

"What defines a successful discussion? It is when you walk out with more questions, than answers"

Peter Senge



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