Science Webinars for Children

This summer, we host webinars for children, led by university professors and industry experts. 

Here is a list of what was covered so far, as well as our June-July schedule of webinars:

  • The search for life in the Universe, Dr. Alex Tsapin, JPL (retired)

  • The history of SETI, SETIQuest editor, Larry Klaes

  • Exoplanets, Dr. Harold Geller, GMU

  • From Math Contests to Fighting COVID19, Dr. Po-Shen Loh, CMU

  • The history of Mars exploration, Dr. Alex Tsapin, JPL (retired)

  • Life beyond and on Earth, Dr. Adrian Lenardic, Rice U

  • What would an Alien Language be Like? - Dr. Sheri Wells-Jensen, BGSU, June 19, at 12 pm NY time

  • Space Habitation Systems - Greg Diderich, JSC NASA, June 19th at 3pm NY time

  • Living Through a Revolution: Multi-messenger Astrophysics - Dr. Roopesh Ojha, GSFC NASA, June 26th

  • Figuring out the Earth from the inside out - Dr. Kanani Lee, LLNL, June 30th 

  • General Artificial Intelligence - Dr. Joscha Bach, AI Foundation, July 3rd

Here is what is planned so far:

  • Moving on Mars: The Curiosity and Perseverance Rovers  - Dr. Allan Treiman, Lunar and Planetary Institute, July 6th

  • Are we living inside of an alien? - Dr. Charley Lineweaver, ANU, July 6th

  • The search for life on Mars in the XXI century - Dr. Alex Pavlov, GSFC NASA, July 10th (tentative)

  • Where in the Universe did we come from? - Dr. Ethan Siegel, science author, "Starts with a Bang" Forbes contributor, July 23rd

  • Why we should build a Moon base - Dr. Ian Crawford, University of London, July 31st

  • Life and Hydrothermal vents ( tentative title) - Dr. Hillairy Hartnett, ASU, August 5th

  • Climate Change: What is it and what does it mean? - Dr. Beth Johnson, UW-Fox Valley, August 14th

We plan to add more speakers in August - stay tuned!


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