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Art of Inquiry attracts experts and prominent thinkers
from a wide range of academic disciplines

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All Videos
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BMSIS BlueSciCon22, Teen Section

BMSIS BlueSciCon22, Teen Section

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Young Astrobiology Expolorers

Young Astrobiology Expolorers

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The Search for Life on Mars in the XXI century,  with Dr. Alex Pavlov, NASA

The Search for Life on Mars in the XXI century, with Dr. Alex Pavlov, NASA

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Podcasts and webinars with experts

Initiated and led by students

Our students get an opportunity to discuss cutting-edge science with experts from different fields, from astrobiology to AI to philosophy of science. 

Upcoming webinars:


  • General Artificial Intelligence - Dr. Joscha Bach, AI Foundation

  • Exoplanetas - Dr. Abel Mendez, Planetary Habitability Lab, UPR

  • Space and Artificial Intelligence - Dr. Anamaria Berea, SETI, BMSIS

  • What would an Alien Language be Like? - Dr. Sheri Wells-Jensen, METI International

  • Moving on Mars: The Curiosity and Perseverance Rovers  - Dr. Allan Treiman,  Lunar and Planetary Institute

  • Raising an AI baby - Dr. Iris Oved, Paradox Lab

  • Figuring out the Earth from the inside out - Dr. Kanani Lee, Yale/LLNL

  • From Math Contests to Fighting COVID19 - Dr. Po-Shen Loh, CMU

  • The search for life on Mars in the XXI century - Dr. Alex Pavlov, GSFC NASA

  • Looking for Life on Water Worlds, an oceanographers view of exoplanets - Dr. Hillairy Hartnett, ASU

  • Craziest Creatures on Earth - Dr. Graham Lau, Blue Marble Space Institute of Science (BMSIS)

  • Aliens, Astrobiology and Exoplanets -  Dr. Daniel Anderhausen, ETH Zurich, BMSIS

  • The search for life in the Universe - Dr. Alex Tsapin, JPL (retired)

    The Search for Galactic Minds and the history of SETI -  Larry Klaes, SETIQuest editor

    In Search for Exoplanets - Dr. Harold Geller, GMU

    The history of Mars exploration - Dr. Alex Tsapin, JPL (retired)

    Life beyond and on Earth - Dr. Adrian Lenardic, Rice U

  • Space Habitation Systems - Greg Diderich, JSC NASA

  • Living Through a Revolution: Multi-messenger Astrophysics - Dr. Roopesh Ojha, GSFC NASA

  • Where in the Universe did we come from? - Dr. Ethan Siegel, science author, "Starts with a Bang" Forbes contributor

  • Why we should build a Moon base - Dr. Ian Crawford, University of London, UK 

  • Remote Sensing, and India's Lunar and Martian missions - Dr. Laxmi Goparaju, VENHF, India

  • Climate Change: What is it and what does it mean? - Dr. Beth Johnson, UW-Oshkosh

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