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For Children of Ukraine

"Citizens of the Universe" educational initiative 

In collaboration with Mercatus Center - Emergent Ventures Fund, and Earthlings Hub educational non-profit, we offer classes for gifted Ukrainian students,

11-14 years old, affected by the war in Ukraine.

Our classes are taught in Ukrainian, English, and Russian. The classes are by invitation only. 

Запись на годовые образовательные курсы для любознательных одаренных  детей 11-14 лет, при поддержке американского фонда развития талантов Emergent Ventures, некоммерческой образовательной платформы Earthlings Hub

и научной онлайн-программы Art of Inquiry.

Наши преподаватели - выдающиеся педагоги, психологи, ученые, не связанные школьными программами и способные обсуждать с подростками сложные проблемы мироустройства. 

Языки преподавания - Наши классы идут на украинском, английском и русском (с украинскими субтитрами, если нужно)

Laws of Physics 

An introduction to the laws of physics for curious 12-14 yr olds. We aim to develop physics' intuition and deep understanding of the concepts of physics. 

Ancient Civilizations

Come to study the civilizations of the ancient world. What would be your beliefs and experiences if you lived at that time? What are the ways we study history?

English Conversation Club

An Enlgish  conversation club for teenagers. Expect lots of songs, poems, and discussions, as well as language games. 

Languages of Science

How do scientists from different countries and cultures understand each other? What do languages have in common? And what it has to do with math? 

Geography Club

You will learn about geography and climate of different countires, practice using maps, predict weather and get ready for geographic adventures. For 11-13 yr olds. 

Secrets of the Universe

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How do we search for life in space? Are there any space civilizations? How do stars change? and many other questions, led by a former NASA astronaut instructor

From idea to implementation

Do you have a great idea but don't know how to implement it?  Come to our workshops to  master  the goal setting and process development techniques. For 13-14 yr olds.  

Cognitive Psychology

We will explore the evolution of brains and cultures, complex systems and unintended consequences, cognitive biases and critical thinking, and the faceless algorithms that can subtly shape our views.  


Like what you see? Get in touch to learn more. Add "Citizens of the Universe" to subject line. 

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