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A vibrant community of bright and curious young thinkers from all over the globe, eager to discuss the Universe, the mind, and the future of humanity, alongside leading scientists and philosophers of our time.

Do you need water to support life?


​In our classes, we model, teach and support a fundamental cognitive and scientific skill: inquiry.


Immersed in the exciting fields of space exploration, physics, astrobiology, worldbuilding, AI, and cognitive sciences, our students learn to analyze problems from different perspectives, recognize interconnections and identify feedback loops.


Working alongside peers from around the globe, students practice posing questions in novel situations and develop critical thinking by modeling complex systems and human error.

"What defines a successful discussion? It is when you walk out with more questions, than answers"

- Peter Senge



Stephanie K, parent

We met Julia 3 years ago as new homeschoolers when we signed up for an in person physics class. At the time, we were looking for a content rich, discussion based science class. Well we found it! She ignited the learning passion again! Her current online offerings in astrobiology and space science have been part of our homeschooling endeavor ever since. The content in her classes often connects to everything else we are learning as many subjects really are interconnected. Her passion for science and education is contagious! Julia is a Forbes education contributor, and we value her insightful and inspiring articles.

Maria S., parent

My son took 2 sessions of Art of Inquiry. Lessons were very interesting and engaging. He learned a lot, but most of all, he developed critical thinking skills he did not have before. He now constantly brings up what he learned, and is making interesting connections.
Julia is a great instructor and really encourages kids to think. She is running the class very effectively, allowing everyone to participate and staying on topic at the same time. She brings tons of experience (both in science and in education). I think it is practically impossible to find another instructor who has so much experience in the field, and in educating young kids at the same time.
Alex enjoyed interacting with other kids and exchanging ideas.
Lastly, even though we are on the West coast, the time was very convenient.

Yelena M., parent

My child loved every minute of Julia's online physics course. He typically hangs back around unfamiliar people, but not this time. He stayed very engaged, eagerly sharing his ideas. When I asked him what he liked about the course, he said it was the fun of discussing ideas, without feeling like being lectured or tested. I loved watching him think deeply about the complex topics, researching relevant information online, asking lots of questions and sharing his ideas with me as well as with his classmates and his instructor. We are looking forward to more courses with Julia



Дякуємо за надсилання!

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