"Life Beyond and On Earth" WEBINAR with Dr. Adrian Lenardic

Wondering about life beyond Earth is old as the ability of humans to look at the stars and ask questions about our place in the universe. That wonder has lead to ideas about how to detect life beyond Earth. In the process, we have learned more about how life on Earth interacts with its environment. This talk will review that interconnection between thinking about life beyond Earth and what it has taught us about life on Earth. There will be science and there will be history. The history will introduce us to two unique scientists, James Lovelock and Lynn Margulis, whose ideas have shaped our understanding of life on Earth and our on-going hunt for life beyond Earth.


Adrian Lenardic is a professor at Rice University in the Department of Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Science. He was born in Zagreb, Croatia (he rarely misses a Croatian soccer match). His undergraduate degree is from UW-Madison, where he started as an art major before switching to geophysics (he still co-teaches a class in the visual arts department at Rice). His PhD is from UCLA, where he was introduced to planetary science (as well as learning to surf). He was a president’s postdoctoral fellow at UC-Berkeley before coming to Rice. Adrian’s scientific research relates to understanding the interactions between the Earth’s interior and it's surface environment and the conditions that allow for life on a planet. In addition to a science award or two, he is part of a first prize winning art-car team and the recipient of the mayors award, from the Jamail skate park, for the most improved skateboarder over 30.

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