• Julia Brodsky

Search for Life Outside the Earth

For the next few months, Art of Inquiry will host free webinars on astrobiology and aerospace, led by industry experts. The webinars are open for 10-16 yr olds and their families all over the globe. This Friday, 4/24/2020 we welcome Sasha ( Alexandre) Tsapin with a lecture on " Search for life outside the Earth" Lecturer's bio: Dr. Sasha Tsapin joined the Astrobiology group in JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA, Pasadena, CA) in 1998. It was an exciting time. Everybody started writing proposals for the Astrobiology Program, and Sasha’s was lucky enough to get his projects funded. After 15 years in JPL, Dr. Tsapin moved to University California, Riverside, to continue his work on life detection on Mars. He enjoys teaching kids science in general and Astrobiology in particular. Dr. Tsapin is going to join us as a Visiting professor with a couple of lectures focused on the search for life outside of our planet Earth. Registration Rules: Please register on our Facebook page Registration closes the day prior to the event. Please leave your name under the post, and we will send you the Zoom link via messenger on the day of the event.


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