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CEO and Lead Instructor

My name is Julia Brodsky, and I am delighted to meet you. I have my A.Sc. in science education, and M.Sc in astrophysics. Over the years, I taught International Space Station astronauts and flight controllers, worked as a rocket scientist at NASA, helped out at NASA outreach centers, and worked as a math and science teacher at private schools and colleges. I also homeschooled my children, founded a math circle for K-5 kids, wrote a book on informal math education and presented at Matematical Sciences Research Institute at UC Berkeley and international astrobiology conferences.

I love writing courses on science and math, and sharing those with anybody who wants to listen :)


Sample seminars and publications:

Astrobiology, Complexity and Emergence for Middle School

Bright, Brave, Open Minds

Playing with Math

Developing Math Talent in Very Young Kids

Marabou Interview (in Russian)