from students

I have to say, THIS COURSE WAS OUT OF THIS WORLD!! (no pun intended)
I had so much fun learning about astro science, and until this course, I never knew what a heliosphere was. I have learned SO MANY THINGS that are not taught in school. All of the homework were hands on activities, and this was the ONLY occasion where I look forward to doing homework (crazy right?). After every class, I am always left astonished about all the wonders of outer space. Thank you for all of your teachings and inspirations!

A.N, student

I really loved the complexity and emergence topic as well as the Golden Record! The complexity and emergence topic gave me a name for the things I like to think about. The Golden Record gave me an opportunity to think about the complexity of our current human knowledge (it’s aweing!).

H.H., student

El curso Wonders of Light fue muy divertido. Fue mucho más interesante que una clase regular de ciencias que tenemos en la escuela. Podría hacer muchas preguntas y los videos fueron muy divertidos. El curso comenzó con facilidad, pero realmente se convirtió en desafiante y profundo al final

A., student

"You made me really think into things that I thought had simple answers"

S., student

Astrobiology is unique. It is the study of us, and life among the stars. It brings together social studies, space studies, and biology. It brings us together!

O, student

from parents

Both kids loved the class, especially J. The class is so different from anything he ever had before (Outschool classes, AOPS classes, etc), it's eye-opening, really got him to start thinking!

Jenny, parent

I cannot really describe how excited A. was at the end of a couple of sessions. He really felt he was part of something that requires a lot of smarts and was really excited and proud of having pushed his knowledge limits.

Stefano, parent

I wanted to send a quick note to tell you how much Ch. enjoyed your astrobiology class.  It was planned exceptionally well and left her running downstairs after each one to excitedly share what she had learned. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

Joy L, parent

My son LOVED the classes. Half way through the course, he begged me to register him for the next session already. He loves in class discussions and homework challenges, and i can hear the difference in his reasoning when talking about science and other subjects! Thank you, Julia!

Katya, parent

Our son attended two courses ran by Julia - Big Ideas of Physics and Space Mission Planning.  He absolutely loved them and said that he was looking forward to his Friday lessons the whole week. He said that the quality of instruction was excellent and the instructor was knowledgeable and approachable,   We are signing him up for another course with Julia this term.  Thank you so much for broadening our son's horizons by introducing him to the big and fascinating world of Physics!

Marsha and Ilia, parents

My child loved every minute of Julia's online physics course. He typically hangs back around unfamiliar people, but not this time. He stayed very engaged, eagerly sharing his ideas. When I asked him what he liked about the course, he said it was the fun of discussing ideas, without feeling like being lectured or tested. I loved watching him think deeply about the complex topics, researching relevant information online, asking lots of questions and sharing his ideas with me as well as with his classmates and his instructor. We are looking forward to more courses with Julia.

Yelena, parent

I'd like to say how absolutely delighted I am that we found your course. You talk to the kids like adults not babies, you ask intelligent questions, encourage them to think and talk, and have already inspired many discussions in our house. 

Stefano, parent

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