About Us

Welcome to the Art of Inquiry - an online school for young explorers!

In our classes, we model, teach and support a fundamental cognitive and scientific skill: inquiry.

Immersed in the exciting fields of space sciences, physics, and astrobiology, side by side with students from all over the globe, your child will learn to analyze problems from different perspectives, recognize interconnections and feedback loops, take input from their peers and most importantly, practice posing questions in novel situations - skills that will stick with them beyond the classroom

Why should my child enroll in your course?

As the world around us grows more complex and unpredictable, we need to make sure our children are up to the challenge. By skillfully and gently introducing them to this ever-changing reality early on, we help them develop mental resilience, intrinsic motivation, and the ability for self-reflection.

Why astrobiology?

The focus of astrobiology is the exploration of new worlds – the perfect preparation for a future driven by multi-faceted change . Astrobiology  helps children reflect on their place in space and time and see the world from a very different, “alien” viewpoint.

As a new science, astrobiology provides us with the tools for learning to question, seeing the big picture, and finding relationships between seemingly disconnected phenomena. It presents a holistic view of the world, bringing together the sciences of cosmology, astronomy, physics, biology, geology and paleontology. We use astrobiology to introduce system thinking, inviting our students to delve into the exciting world of complexity, emergence, and self-organization on all scales. 

Who develops the curriculum?

Our materials are developed by a professional astronaut instructor and private school teacher with a graduate degree in Astrophysics. They are based on cutting-edge scientific research and progressive educational practices, pilot-tested with hundreds of students. The courses have been praised by education researchers and working scientists, as well as parents and students. But our utmost joy is that after each lesson is over, children continue to think and wonder about the world.

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